About Us

Our Values are Youth First, Cultural Competence, Partnerships, Relationships, Professionalism, and Ownership.

At Raise a Child of the Carolinas (The RACC, Raise a Child, Inc), we believe that children are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. As a leading Youth Organization in the Carolina region, we go above and beyond to provide our youth an empowering environment where they can fully embrace their identity and gain all the skills they need to be leaders tomorrow.​

Our goals are to prepare our youth to become responsible, actively engaged global citizens and leaders. We are committed to shaping the way they live their lives and teach them the fundamentals of social responsibility by providing the tools, resources, and support needed to reach their full potential. ​​

"When you Learn, Teach. When you Get, Give"

Maya Angelou

Our Mission

Raise a Child of the Carolinas is a 501c3  nonprofit primarily created for charitable and educational purposes.

Using a village approach and integrating lessons in various subject areas, our mission is to expose youth to educational opportunities that are underrepresented in their communities, thus inspiring them to reach their full potential.


Our educational focuses are S.T.R.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math), financial literacy, entrepreneurship

college/career readiness, and health/fitness.


Our Vision

Our vision is for students to obtain the necessary communication skills, real-life exposure, and education to recognize their talents and become socially productive members to society. We will provide youth with support and guidance and serve as a source for inspiration to students that need additional support outside to reach their full potential and aspirations.

Area of Focus

Raise a Child of the Carolinas focuses on a wide range of services and educational programs. 

Our services are out-of-school camps, educational workshops, tutoring, mentoring, and volunteering.

Specialized weekend gatherings are periodically held for parents and caregivers of children. These events are designed to provide families with life education and community resources. 

 "It's better to build strong children than to repair broken ones." 

Frederick Douglass